God and Comics

We read comic books religiously.

First and foremost, God and Comics is a show about the love of comic books. The hosts of the show have all been readers and lovers of comics since they were kids. This is a show about one of the great mediums created in the last century, a form of art and storytelling that has given us some of the greatest epics of our time. The show explores everything we love about comics, from the quality of the artwork, to philosophy and social commentary, to plain old goofiness.

This is also a show about all the little things which make up the human experience - life, love, ethics, sacrifice - all of which can be

found in the best comic books of our time and all of which inevitably lead us to talk about God. Well, it's three clergymen hosting the show. I mean, what did you expect?

More than anything, though, this is a show about fun. We have a blast making it and we hope you'll have a blast listening. This is a show for everyone, whether you are new to comic books or a lifelong aficionado, and also whether you're a Christian, a skeptic, or something in between. We hope everyone will take a listen.

Podcasting won’t be invented until many centuries after I die, but I still listen to these guys religiously. That’s how amazingly good they are.
— Saint Augustine of Hippo