God and Comics

Frequently Asked Questions

So, are you guys Catholic priests?

Well, that depends a little bit on what you mean by "Catholic." We are priests who serve in the Episcopal Church, which is part of the worldwide Anglican Communion, a fellowship of churches that trace their heritage back through the Church of England, all the way back to the earliest days of Christianity. The Anglican Communion is a part of the Catholic Church because it has the Sacraments, the Scriptures, the historic orders of ministry, the Creeds, and because it teaches the whole and full Christian faith. But if what you are really asking us is whether or not we are Roman Catholic, then the answer would be no. We love and respect our Roman Catholic brothers and sisters in Christ, but we are not a part of that church body and are not in communion with the pope.

But you're married and have kids. How's that possible if you're priests?

Since the sixteenth century, Anglican priests have been allowed to marry and have children.

Don't Christians believe that comic books are from the devil or something like that?

Only the variant covers and crossover events. But really, no. That's just silly. All art forms have their ups and downs, good and bad. What matters is not the art form itself but what way it is used. Christians have always supported the arts because through art we come to see each other and God more clearly.

Do you guys look at Christian comics?

Not really. Which is not to say that we do not support the idea of more Christians being involved in the creating of comics, but a lot of comics created by the Christian subculture tend to be more focused on making some kind of statement than telling a great story. We agree with C. S. Lewis, who when asked if we need more Christian writers said, "No, we need more writers who are Christian."