God and Comics

Super Villains and the Nature of Evil

God and Comics

Great villains are more than just foils for the heroes they fight. They show us something about the darker side of our humanity. In this episode, the crew talks about their favorite supervillains, what makes them so appealing and so scary, and how we can understand the evil that they do. Plus, Fr. Matt confuses a great saint with a comedic actor who loved his facial hair more than his craft. All this plus recommendations, This or That, and a whole lot more.

Here's more about some of the rad stuff we talk about:

Batman #40


Wonder Woman 77

The Joker

Dr. Doom

Harley Quinn

Augustine on the nature of evil

Thomas Aquinas on the nature of evil

Oscar Romero vs. Cesar Romero

The ontologically superior "tab collar" vs. the "dog collar"

The Archbishop of Canterbury