God and Comics


God and Comics

The story of every great hero is a story of sacrifice. In today’s episode, the crew talks about how the theme of sacrifice works itself out in superhero comics and how that relates back to the ultimate heroism of the cross. Then Fr. Kyle talks about a filthy habit he’s decided to pick up for Lent. And we hear an amazing prayer for the birthday of Chuck Norris. All this plus our recommendation, This or That, and a whole lot more!

Here's some more about some of the rad stuff we talked about:

All Saints, Oklahoma City

Speeding Bullet Comics

Silver Surfer: Volume 1

Captain America: Civil War (Comic)

Captain America: Civil War (Movie preview with Spider-man)

The Dark Phoenix Saga

Mark Waid’s Daredevil

The Twilight Labyrinth by George Otis


Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow

Superman / Batman Volume 4: Siege

Steve Rogers shows why he is a hero

Donald Trump in Home Alone 2

Happy birthday, Chuck Norris!

Saint Stephen