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Civil War, Civil Liberties, and Civil Disobedience

God and Comics

It’s a very civil conversation this week as the crew is joined by special guest Alexi Sargeant to talk about “Captain America: Civil War” and all the fascinating social and ethical questions it raises. Best of all, they manage to do it spoiler free! Also, Fr. Kyle introduces us to one of the most disgusting snacks ever invented. All this plus our recommendation, This or That, and a whole lot more!

Here's more about some of the rad stuff we talked about:


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Source of the great quote about the “river of truth”

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Letter from a Birmingham Jail

Elizabeth Anscombe

Fr. Daniel Berrigan

"Everything Local Man Feels Led to Do He Coincidentally Really Likes"

Howard the Duck: Duck Hunt (featuring a team-up with Aunt May)

"The Death of Prince and the Death of Jesus" by Hans Fiene