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God and Comics

In the final episode of season 4, Fr. Niko Bekris returns to the show to discuss some of the great marriages in comics, why so many creators think marriage and family life aren’t interesting, and whether or not you have to choose between marriage or being a hero. All this plus our recommendation, This or That, and a whole lot more! (Apologies for poor sound quality on the recording - we had to use a regular computer mic which was less than ideal. New recorder will be acquired before the start of season 5.)


Mr. Miracle by Tom King

Christ, Coffee, and Comics

Creative Blessings

Fr. Niko's Superman project

Animal Man by Grant Morrison

Spider-man and Mary Jane: Renew Your Vows


DC Rebirth Superman

DC Rebirth Action Comics

Spider-woman: Shifting Gears


The Orthodox Way by Metropolitan Kallistos Ware


Memento Mori